Docklands Light Railway

If you want to visit areas in London like Docklands or Greenwich you can go via the Docklands Light Railway train. This train drives by computer and you will not find a driver on board (Eek :+) ). This is, in the first instance, a strange experience and you will wonder how it is possible for the train to drive without any accidents (eek 2).

As there is no driver, you can sit in the front of the train looking out of a window where usually a driver would be seated. You can see then what is happening in front of you, which in my opinion is really neat. You do not have to worry (eek to the power of three), although there is no driver on the train, it will still stop for red lights and at the stations. We took the train from Bank to Island Gardens, but there seem to be several other routes.

Because the train does not drive very fast, you get a perfect view of the scenery you pass. En route we passed several landmarks and beautiful sights, for instance Canary Warf (an enormous office building with a roof that looks like a pyramid. Point of fact, Jean-Michel Jarre opened the building with a spectacular combination of music and laser interactive light show.), the Millennium Dome, river Thames and Docklands. At the last station we crossed the Thames to Greenwich, using the Greenwich foot tunnel (see my webpage about Greenwich for more information about this area).

See the website of the Docklands Light Railway for more information.

We would like to thank Docklands Railway Management Ltd. for providing us with the pictures and additional information.